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"Your avocado stone carvings are all sold out. How do I buy one?"

My avocado stone carvings tend to sell out within minutes of appearing in my shop. Once they are marked as "Sold Out" they are gone and won't be replicated. I have a shop update every few months where I list all my available carvings. I operate on a first come first served basis and don't accept any private orders. If you are keen to buy an original carving I recommend joining my mailing list (find "Sign up for Shop Update Alerts" in my website menu) - I will let you know the exact time of the update, with photos and details of each piece that will become available.

"Do you take custom orders?"

I don't take any custom orders. I work on my own projects and people are free to purchase what I've made when I offer it in my shop.

"Can I reserve an item in your shop?"

I don't take reservations for my original avocado stone carvings. I may accept a reservation for a bronze piece. Reservations hold for a maximum of 48 hours.

"What are the differences between your bronze and avocado stone pieces?"

I am excited to now offer my work in bronze as well as avocado stone. Each bronze piece is individually cast by hand from my original carvings. The bronze pieces have a more substantial weight (see the weight on each listing), while the avocado stones are very light. I advise that the avocado stone pendant be worn with care - it is strong, but not unbreakable. It should not get wet. The bronze pieces are more resilient, are very unlikely to break and won't be damaged from water exposure.

"How long does the avocado stone last?"

When dried out and preserved, the avocado stone is a strong and durable material. It shares the characteristics of a dense wood. When worn as a pendant, the finish on the stone may be subjected to general wear and tear, as you can expect from any wooden pendant. The stone will last for as long as you take care of it, by keeping it dry and treating it with additional oil or varnish when necessary. I have seen still-perfect avocado stone carvings that were made in the 1980's. I provide detailed care instructions with every order.

"How long does it take you to carve a piece?"

This is probably my most asked question and I find it hard to answer! I have never timed myself while carving, nor ever felt any compulsion to. I can say that every carving has several stages in its excavation, enjoyed over the course of a day, a few days or often a few weeks.

"How do I check your prices in my currency?"

My prices are in Euro. It's not currently possible to convert to your currency on my website. To check your own currency, use a search engine like Google. Type in "Convert 'X' EURO to USD/AUD/(your currency)" and you should get the price at the most recent conversion rate.

"What is the best way for me to find out when you have new pieces available in your shop?"

I now have a mailing list for shop update alerts. You can find a link called "Sign up for Shop Update Alerts" on my website under the heading "Pages." I send out one email alert prior to any shop update, usually just once a month.

"What do you do with all the avocados? Where do you get all your avocado stones?"

I eat my avocados with great appreciation! I don't think I eat many more than most avocado enthusiasts, perhaps 3 to 4 a week. Avocado-eating family members, friends and neighbours are very generous in collecting their avocado stones for me. I often come home to find a stash of stones waiting for me on my doorstep! 

"Do you want me to collect my avocado stones for you?"

I'm touched by the generosity of so many people who have offered to collect and send their avocado stones to me. At the moment, I have a very good supply from nearby sources. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity of everyone who has offered though, thank you!