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"Murtagh" - Spirit of Water - Original Avocado Stone Carving (Pendant)

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Image of "Murtagh" - Spirit of Water - Original Avocado Stone Carving (Pendant)
  • Image of "Murtagh" - Spirit of Water - Original Avocado Stone Carving (Pendant)
  • Image of "Murtagh" - Spirit of Water - Original Avocado Stone Carving (Pendant)
  • Image of "Murtagh" - Spirit of Water - Original Avocado Stone Carving (Pendant)

Murtagh is a Irish name meaning "Protects the Sea." Murtagh is one of my new Spirit designs - his third eye indicating what he is a Spirit of.

Height: 3.6cm /// 1 7/16 inches

An original art piece, sculpted by Jan Campbell.


This piece is an avocado stone (seed/pip/pit), with traits similar to a dense wood material. It is a natural item which means that its appearance may change over time. This depends on the conditions you keep it in, how you wear it, and the climate and humidity of where you live. I have preserved it by drying out the stone thoroughly and treating the surface with natural oil. You can expect the lifespan to be similar to that of a wooden object - when kept in the correct conditions it will last indefinitely. I recommend treating the stone with oil periodically to maintain its healthiness. I include details of my recommended oils (universal and widely available oils that can also be used on your other wooden items such as spoons/chopping boards) and care instructions with every piece purchased.

These carvings are the result of days, weeks and often months of careful work. Each avocado stone carving is a once-off that won't be recreated. It is difficult to put a monetary price on one's own creations, and I have put a lot of thought into the pricing as well as seeking external advice. I am happy for my creations to go to a home with those who value my work as I do. Those who love my work enough to buy it are my sponsors who let me continue being creative. I am eternally grateful for the support. I'm aware that not everyone can afford the prices I ask for (just as I cannot carve enough pieces for everyone who would like one) but I frequently share images of my work on Instagram and Facebook which I hope everyone can enjoy.

I include a complimentary length of cord with each order (black cotton) but you may decide to replace it with another cord of your choice (eg: leather, faux leather, hemp, cork.)

All pieces come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Please read through my Shop Policies before purchasing this item.

All listed pieces are ready to be shipped within 1-3 working days. I send out orders via Registered post, and provide the customer with a tracking code (please check your email - note that emails may be redirected into junk mail). A signature is usually required upon delivery. If you are out when it arrives, you will likely receive a docket instructing you to pick up your package at your local mailing centre.

Packaging, as always, is plastic-free and made entirely from recycled paper materials.