Thank you for finding my FAQs! I appreciate your interest in my work. This project is a one-woman-show, and it is a great help to me if you can have a look through my FAQs before contacting me.  (Updated Aug 2019)

- "Do you sell your original avocado stone carvings?" -

No, I keep my original carvings. I sell a large selection of my designs in sterling silver and bronze. These castings are made by taking a precise mould of the avocado stone carving. The metals pick up the detail of the carvings beautifully. The avocado stone carving is not inside the metal.

- "How do I check your prices in my currency?" -

My prices are displayed in Euro. To convert the prices to your local currency, use a search engine like Google. For example, to find out the price for Siofra in US dollars I would type: "103 Euro to USD" and the most recent conversion rate will magically appear :)

- "Do you ship worldwide?" -

Yes, I ship worldwide at a fixed low rate of 11 euro. My packaging is made entirely of recycled paper materials, and is plastic-free.

- "Do you do paid promotions on your social media accounts? Will you promote my product/agenda etc.." -

No, I don't ever promote something that someone has asked or paid me to. If I ever promote someone's work or product, it is a genuine recommendation from me, done because I love what they do enough to want to share it.