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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for finding my FAQs! I appreciate your interest in my work. This project is a one-woman-show, and it is a great help to me if you can have a look through my FAQs before contacting me. I hope you will find the answers helpful. (Updated Sept 2018)

- "What is an avocado stone?" -

An avocado stone is the seed inside an avocado. In Ireland, 'stone' is often used as a word for a seed or pip - usually when there is just one large seed inside a piece of fruit. We also say peach stone and plum stone. 

- "Do you sell your original avocado stone carvings?" -

At the moment, no.

People following my work for the past few years will know that I used to do regular shop updates of my avocado stone carvings. Selling them worked well for me before because I was carving so many pieces - I didn't know what to do with them all and had nowhere to display them - I felt bad to see them all sitting sadly in a drawer. Someone suggested I open an online shop so that's what I did. It is wonderful to know that those earlier carvings are being enjoyed by people around the world. 

My carving rate has naturally slowed over the years. I carve for fun and only carve when my fingers itch to release a little character from an avocado stone :) At the moment, I'm only really producing around 1 to 5 carvings a month. I dwell in the tiny details and the carvings can often take weeks to complete. Selling them just isn't what I want to do right now. There are many reasons for this - one big one is that I want to build up a collection of my work. It would be lovely to have the option to display a whole range of my pieces sometime. If I decide to sell an original piece, I will try to give plenty of warning ahead of the time on my mailing listInstagram and Facebook.

I hope you will continue to enjoy seeing photos of my creations on social media. If you would like to see a particular design available in sterling silver, be sure to let me know. The silver and bronze castings (available in my shop) are my offering to those who want to adopt one of my designs into their life. I'm delighted by the response they have received and that I can continue to share my characters with people around the world.

- "Do you do custom orders?" -

No, I don't ever do custom orders.

- "How do I check your prices in my currency?" -

My prices are displayed in Euro. To convert the prices to your local currency, use a search engine like Google. For example, to find out the price for Siofra in US dollars I would type: "103 Euro to USD" and the most recent conversion rate will magically appear :)

- "Do you ship worldwide?" -

Yes, I ship worldwide at a fixed low rate of 11 euro. My packaging is made entirely of recycled paper materials, and is plastic-free.

- "How do you carve avocado stones? What tools do you use? etc, etc." -

Sometimes I feel like I'm a search engine for people's avocado stone carving queries! I'm afraid I rarely have the time or patience to answer questions like these. If I ever decide to share the techniques I've learned, I'll do a proper job of it and make a tutorial. Remember there are many different ways of carving avocado stones. The way I do it works for me and the climate I live in - there is definitely not one method that is "the right way." I am always experimenting with new techniques. Use whatever tools you have on hand that can make marks and cuts. Your hands, mind and time are the tools that really matter. Buying a specific brand of blades won't magically turn you into an amazing carver :) Enjoy the process of learning and don't dwell on the end result. If you still want to read advice on carving, I suggest you look up tips on wood carving. The two materials share many similarities.

- "Do you do paid promotions on your social media accounts? Will you promote my product/agenda etc.." -

No, I don't ever promote something that someone has asked or paid me to. If I ever promote someone's work or product, it is a genuine recommendation from me, done because I love what they do enough to want to share it.